Challenging adventures are probably the most attractive category of activities to schedule while you are traveling. Especially if the landscapes are those typical of Central American rainforests, with vegetation that goes from knee-high bushes, to trees so tall, it almost seems like the forest canopy meets with the clouds.
Follow the natural trail parallel to the river bend, from the high mountains all the way down to meet the light blue and emerald beach. How do you get down from the rainforest straight into the sand? The tour guides at El Remanso Wildlife Lodge will design a waterfall rappelling tour that will certainly give your vacation an adrenaline boost.

Start with a short walk, taking some time to observe the wild butterfly species, watch the lizards scatter under the bed of fallen dry leaves along the trail and hear the birds chirping on nearby branches. The tour typically includes three waterfalls, each one higher and more inviting to let go of life´s daily stress.

The first waterfall gives you a taste of how you need to revert your common point of view of the world and see it almost upside down as you rappel down, hanging from secure lines and guided by the highly experienced joyful guides. As soon as you touch the pebbles at the bottom of the river, you feel that surge of excitement and want to run and reach the next waterfall to try your newly acquired skills.

Even though you already have a much clearer idea of what the adventure opens your senses to, the second waterfall does pose another challenge. No two rocks are the same and the water splashing on your feet does indeed make it just as surprising as the first time. Once again, just let yourself slide perpendicularly to the stone wall and start jumping easily into the air, pushing away, hanging on tightly but at the same time letting go of any remaining fears of facing nature on its rawest form.

Almost coming to the end of your adventure, you still have one more waterfall to conquer. It´s the longest fall but it´s also the one that will lead you directly to the warm beach sand. So one last time, plant your feet on the rock and let the waterfall itself guide you down to the stream and into the openness of the rainforest magic.