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Wildlife Lovers

Biodiversity, Revealed

One of the world’s last wildlife frontiers, the Osa Peninsula bustles with inquisitive squirrel monkeys, shy sloths, and predators in flight. El Remanso will happily tell its secrets, if only you’re willing to be patient.

wildlife lovers

Honeymooners & Romance

180º from Unoriginal

Celebrate. Share. Be in love,180º from the madding crowd, cookie cutters, and impersonal service. Immersed in emerald jungle, ringed by pristine coastline, and sprinkled with hidden waterfalls.

Family Vacation

Where Delight is Ageless

Travel from your everyday to the remote, the relaxed, and the rare – to explorations for both the young and young-at-heart. Tick all the right boxes for your family, from low-key to high-adventure, and everything in between.

family vacations
travel photography

Wildlife Travel Photography

Naturally Photogenic

Journey to El Remanso and the greater Osa Peninsula, to capture some of Costa Rica’s most iconic – and famously camera-shy – wildlife: endangered squirrel monkeys and brilliant scarlet macaws, timid northern tamanduas and bold yellow-throated toucans.


Small Events & Celebrations

Your Dream, Unlocked

Whether you’re planning a small wedding, elopement or anniversary, or a wellness retreat, art workshop, or other event, we at El Remanso are happy to both accommodate and help your organize your dream event.