Lose Yourself to Nature

Where the Osa Peninsula willingly divulges its secrets

Wonders of the Water

From Sea to Lagoon, Waterfall to Tide Pools

There’s nothing like cool, liquid refreshment (of the natural kind!) on a warm Costa Rican day. At El Remanso, water abounds: Walk our trail to the beach, lounge in sun-drenched tide pools, stroll to (and bathe in) our lagoon, and relish in the cool spray of a frothing waterfall.

suspension bridge

Suspend Your Explorations

Into the Green

Suspended above the world you know, immersed in a world you don’t: El Remanso’s suspension bridges connect to our trails and dangle high in the rainforest canopy, eye-to-eye with dense and vibrant ecosystems impossible to explore from the forest floor.

Wild Spaces, Tamed Trails

Mother Nature, at Your Service

Weaving through primary and secondary forest – through diverse micro-habitats, where creeks warble and toucans call, waterfalls crash and monkeys roam – El Remanso’s extensive trails radiate a kind of magic that exists only in this secluded corner of the world.


Zip through the Forest

Fly Fast, Soar High

Witness hidden life, observe the unknown, and channel your inner spider monkey! At El Remanso, our onsite zipline canopy tour sends you flying, soaring, and zipping through the early morning jungle and into the heretofore undiscovered ecosystems of the sky-high rainforest canopy.

Defy Gravity

Embrace the Rush

Feel the roar of adrenaline, as you traverse wild river canyon and rappel down four waterfalls. End at a breathtaking deserted beach, where waves crash on the sand, pelicans skim over water, and scarlet macaws feed on numerous almond trees. Welcome to paradise.

waterfall rappeling