Sustainability & Community



100% Renewable

100% Responsible

Proving that a high-quality experience can be achieved with a minimal environmental impact.

Embrace responsible and sustainable travel at El Remanso, where we do more to consume less. Environmental and social sustainability is our everyday priority and we know it’s yours, too. Travel consciously.

So how do we minimize our impact?




We are proud to be one of the few hotels in Costa Rica to rely 100% on renewable energy for the full operation of the lodge. We generate our electricity with our own hydroelectric system and solar panels.
Furthermore, the hot showers you will enjoy are a result of our solar hot-water system which covers all of our demand for hot water.

If you wish to have a tour of our system during your stay, just let us know!

Exclusively Local

Staff & Management

This is the Costa Rica that few tourists see – and that we hope you’ll love, as much as we do!

The staff you’ll meet at El Remanso grew up here, or near here. After all, one of the basic principles of sustainability is to enhance local economic vitality; another is to promote equity. Your stay at El Remanso contributes to both – to supporting local families and to help them work toward a better future, both for their families and for generations to come.

community projects



Besides hiring locally so that the people have a real chance, we are also very active with local community projects such as supporting the Community Center in Puerto Jimenez and other ASCONA projects, which include environmental education at schools, beach cleanings, quarterly cultural festivals for all to join, etc.

If you would like your trip to the Osa count and would be happy to “pack for a purpose”, you can find more information about these projects and how to help here.

Integral Responsible


El Remanso is run with integral sustainability practices that go from the 100% renewable energy use, to strict waste management process where we stand by the “three Rs”: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle. The waste we do produce, we do our best to reuse: We turn our non-cooked organic waste into compost for our garden, and cooked waste is destined to nearby farms to feed the pigs.
We, of course, observe as well responsible water use, we build with low impact foundations and structures, we do not use any pesticides or herbicides anywhere at El Remanso, all cleaning products, laundry detergents, kitchen soaps, shampoos and soaps we offer to our guests are certified biodegradable and we do not use plastic straws or one single-use plastics at the lodge.