Iconic Biodiversity

Check, check, check! That’s the sound of whittling down your wildlife wish list

Mammals Converge

Costa Rica’s Wildest Habitats

Wrapped in the magic of primary and secondary forest, El Remanso ebbs and flows over diverse habitat – high and low, sunlit and shaded, dense and sparse – that draws Costa Rica’s most-sought mammals: sloths, anteaters, agoutis, pumas, ocelots, jaguarundis, tayras, and four types of monkeys, among them.


Eagle Eyes

Birdwatching the Last Wild Frontier

Rare white hawks call their warnings. Silent owls gaze down from a diurnal perch. Scarlet macaws squawk in welcome. Hummingbirds buzz eager fly-bys. Rainbow-billed toucans croak a greeting. Spot the rare, the wild, and the wonderful, in Costa Rica’s last wild frontier.

Unsung Stars

Hot Sightings, Cold Blood

Where nights echo with the croak of flamboyant frogs, where shy snakes curl around wizened branches, where fleet-of-foot lizards skitter over graceful rivers – El Remanso, a warm wonderland in tune with Mother Nature’s cold-blooded (and photogenic) charms.


Marine Marvels

Breach the Underwater World

Our “sweet gulf,” or Golfo Dulce – one of just four tropical fjords in the world – unfolds over a vast medley of underwater life, including bottlenose and spotted dolphins, Bryde’s and humpback whales (from August to November), Olive Ridley and leatherback sea turtles, whale sharks and manta rays.