When you are looking for a place to retreat and enjoy nature, the first things that come to mind are unexplored settings, beautiful landscapes, silent getaways and obviously having perfect uninterrupted views of all the surroundings.

El Remanso Wildlife Lodge offers you exactly that. You will have the possibility of slowing down your vacation pace even more after a guided tour through the exuberant rainforest. Allow yourself to experiment the songs of the forest and peacefully meditate at one of the many unique outdoors accommodations that are available for all guests, the suspended panoramic view platforms.

These wooden platforms are strategically located in different viewpoints in the property. Some of them are meant to function as deck-like extensions outside the cabins; for you to have an intimate experience of the rainforest sitting just a couple feet away from where you are relaxing. Some larger view decks are accessorized with comfortable chairs, where you can cozy up, close your eyes and enjoy the breeze on your face as the trees sing along with the wind.

No railings or wire frames block your view, allowing you to take splendid pictures anywhere you stand or sit on the platform. You can bring your favorite drink along with you and disconnect from your daily routine, as you see the sunset tint the skies with shades of orange and violets. Sunsets are also spectacular during the rainy season, blending the warm tropical setting with silvery clouds.

Many guests come to Osa Peninsula as part of their explorations checklist to discover some of the endemic animal species that are only seen in the Wildlife Refuge protected area. From the safety of your chosen viewpoint at the lodge, you can fulfill your dream of being face to face with scarlet macaws, spider monkeys, toucans or Morpho butterflies battering their wings inches away from your hands.

Whether you decide to step on the view decks only to take a picture of the canyon or to wait for the sun to rise before an early morning stroll; you have the amazing opportunity of silently blending into a secondary rainforest, where 2.5% of the world’s biodiversity blooms and awaits to be discovered, one curious explorer at a time.