As soon as the sun is about to set, the rainforest night-life starts to awaken. Your senses become keener as you try to identify those new sounds and smells, trying to recall what you have discovered about Osa Peninsula’s particular landscapes and critters.

While lodging at El Remanso, you can design your day adventures but you can also make some room to fit in special nighttime explorations. This, of course, is advised to be done with the guidance of a nature connoisseur. An interesting night walk tour, which takes you through the property’s main trails, is the perfect combination of exploration and thrilling surprises into one.

Osa Peninsula’s rainforest has magnificent landscapes and lively expressive animals during the day but, how about going on a flashlight-illuminated adventure, to discover what some endemic species such as snakes, lizards and moths do after the sun sets? The aroma of Ylang-Ylang blended with fresh night dew, eases your mind just enough to encourage you to dive into a sort of nature treasure-hunting experience. No matter how many times you have completed the tour, there is no telling as to what insects, reptiles, birds or mammals will allow you to become part of the peacefulness that pitches dark strolling has to offer.

The ambiance feels much more peaceful when only the moon and stars light the sky. The crashing waves down at the beach are still fairly audible but now harmonize with random rain drops from the afternoon drizzle. Howler monkeys, spider monkeys, and scarlet macaws are typically tucked in for the night. It’s the time for crickets, owls, and frogs to compose a soothingly rhythmic tune for your adventure in the darkness.

Dark brown Tarantulas, Fer-de-Lance or Pit Viper snakes, itty bitty Red Eyed Tree Frogs and Spectacle Owls are some of the main performers every night at this Lodge, part of the Osa Wildlife Refuge. Every square foot of this rainforest becomes entirely different and more of a complex scenery. It does become a challenge to sharpen your ears and smell, instead of relying only on your sight, which adds and intriguing twist to nature explorations in the southern part of Costa Rica.