The sunlight delicately filters through the cabin windows as the rainforest birds start singing their early tunes. As your senses slowly awaken, the morning starts to unravel all the natural treasures of Osa Peninsula which sit just a few steps away from your bed. While you take a first look at your surroundings decorated by exuberant vegetation, the melody of waves breaking on the nearby beach remind you that this is a location where the mountain secrets meet the sea breeze.

A quick walk on a natural trail among colorful tropical gardens guides your way towards the largest platform on the Lodge, the restaurant. The restaurant at El Remanso is an open style terrace, with two additional decks providing a panoramic view to the South Pacific Ocean of Costa Rica. As soon as you arrive to the restaurant, one of the attendants will welcome you with a warm smile and take you to your table, where you will begin your breakfast experience. The fresh fruit juice gives you a first insight into the wide array of flavors that blend traditional local ingredients with elaborate courses.

Seating arrangements in the restaurant allow guests to enjoy the beautiful green-all-around landscapes of the mountain. You will have an open undisrupted view of the bright light blue Pacific Ocean, framed on both sides by luscious green flora. No matter where you choose to sit, the view is astonishingly overwhelming with various shades of green freshness.

Scarlet macaws accompany you from the treetops surrounding the restaurant. Step away from your table for a little while to enjoy the amazing show they display, as they happily crack open tree nuts. You can see them hop from one branch to another, always in pairs and showing their bright red, yellow and blue feathers.

Spider monkeys and howler monkeys typically hang around the restaurant gardens as well. They will sit on the tree branches as they wait for their families to regroup on route to the deeper side of the rainforest. Picture perfect memories start to build right in front of your eyes, as you enjoy a special morning meal, preparing you to take on the first adventures of your trip to the Osa Peninsula.