Yesterday early morning we had a pleasant surprise at our frog pond. After a heavy night shower our staff discovered dozens of Gliding Tree Frogs were mating on the leafs surrounding the little pond. This phenomenon is rarely seen and only lasts in the very early morning hours as these frogs tend to go back quickly to the canopy level.

There are 2 species of the commonly reffered to “red eyed tree frogs” on the Osa Peninsula. The more commonly seen Agalychnis Callidryas is often spotted during our night tours, while the “Parachuting Red Eye Tree Frog” or “Gliding Tree Frog” (Agalychnis Spurrelli) is more elusive. The intense mating ritual of the latter is spectacular and only the “early birds” were able to see this, as the group had disappeared by 6.30 am!

You can also wath the following video of the “action”: