The Osa Peninsula is an incredible place to observe wildlife, both on land in the water. Southern Hemisphere whales come from August through early November. In the last couple of weeks, our guests going on the Golfo Dulce Tour have been very lucky and most of the groups have been able to spot these impressive creatures with calves!
The Golfo Dulce of the Osa Peninsula, one of the few tropical fiords on earth, represents a safe haven for the humpback whales to birth their calves with little threat from the larger predators of the open waters in the Pacific.

But sightings are not exclusive to the Golfo Dulce, we have already had several sightings of whales both from cabins and the restaurant as well as the beach itself! Last week, guests were able to shoot the above video, showing a hump-back whale tail slapping just about 100 meters off the shore! Some studies suggest that the tail slapping of hump-back whales prvokes that schools of fish tighten together, makint it easier for the whales to feed on them. Thanks a lot to the Brass family for sharing this great video!