El Remanso is a place to experience and create memories.

Suddenly immersed in the most remote tropical rainforest you’ll find yourself breathing in deeply, taking in the fresh ocean breeze brought up from the Pacific Ocean through the leaves of the tall trees surrounding you. Hundreds of new sounds will flow gracefully in ancestral harmony until your curious natural instincts start searching for each individual source.

You’ll look and admire: life is all about, in its most varied and unexpected colors and forms!

On the endless sandy beach and through the deep rainforest trails of our own nature reserve you’ll become aware of each breath you take, of the sound of your feet as they explore the primitive earth.
Then what else can you do besides smile widely as you realize you’re also a piece of this magnificent natural masterpiece? Celebrate it!

El Remanso’s lush forests, unbeatable wildlife, breathtaking views, charming accommodations and delicious culinary surprises are ideal for unplugging from everyday mundane distractions and plunging into the real world, the beautiful wild basics!